Leadership on Purpose

This 2 day workshop helps participants perform at their HIGHEST Potential in all areas of life. Leaders get CLARITY of their Purpose, Priorities and Plans with follow up Coaching for Accountability. Walk out with the following deliverables: – Draft of their personal Purpose Statement – Draft of their Purpose aligned with their company’s purpose – Their Priorities defined and ordered in importance – Key Goals drafted for each Priority – Key Tasks drafted to achieve TOP 4 Goals – Prioritized plan of action drafted for the next week to hold them accountable for staying ON PURPOSE. Participants leave the workshop better prepared to be more organized, focused, productive and on-purpose in prioritizing their work and fulfilling their duties and responsibilities to their company.


Servant Leadership

Servant Leaders are measured by how well their followers develop, grow, and enrich their contribution to their organization. This 1 1/2 day workshop explores servant leadership practices and helps participants develop practical ways of implementing this most powerful of all leadership approaches. Key concepts include: casting the vision,developing follower’s strengths, and building strong teams.


Most Valuable Professional

Nearly all organizations have learned the importance of developing the professional skills of their leaders. The benefits are tangible and enduring. But have you considered what the impact would be if all your employees thought of themselves as professionals and behaved and performed accordingly? The MVP Workshop focuses on achieving exactly that purpose!


Customer Service Excellence

This workshop provides an in-depth look at how to achieve the kind of excellence in customer service that contributes to customer loyalty and advocacy. Our success depends on having customers who are beyond satisfied customers who are loyal and even our advocates in the marketplace.


Time Planning Management

This workshop is for those that want to integrate their goal action plans and project plans into an effective time planning and management system. Outlook will be the software utilized in this workshop. Participants should bring their laptops with them to the workshop. Participants will customize in the workshop their outlook screen to more effectively fit their new planning and tracking methodology.


Project Management

This 2-day course provides organizations and managers with the practical tools and fundamental skills necessary to effectively manage projects. The course covers the basic Project Life Cycle phases of definition, planning, implementation and closure. This course also covers identifying and tracking performance and financial measures, project control activities, and the final project closure tasks. Participants will receive a toolkit of workshop materials, reusable forms, a workbook and an electronic version of the Project Management forms.


Key Account Management

This class is designed to help participants improve sales with their company?s key accounts through relationship selling and developing individual strategies based upon the unique needs of the customer. The strategies taught in this class will turn key customers into profitable long-term relationships.