Employee Surveys

Do you want to know what your TEAM is thinking?

Typical subjects in the Employee Opinion Surveys

  • The Company
  • Their Job
  • Safety & the Work Environment
  • Company Education & Training
  • Communication & Recognition
  • Quality & Teamwork
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Company Management

Employee success depends increasingly on having opportunities to learn and apply new skills. Companies need to invest in the development of the workforce through education, training and opportunities for continued growth. Most companies, regardless of size, have many opportunities to contribute to employee well-being and motivation. Addressing these challenges requires the use of employee-related data on knowledge, skills, satisfaction, motivation, safety and well-being.

These important decisions MUST be based on FACT. The only way to obtain the FACTS necessary is to go to the source.

How it Works:

Employee Opinion Surveys can be distributed in either an online or paper format… it is a matter of what fits best for your work environment. We work with you to design your survey, collect employee responses, analyze your data and implement a responding action plan. For organizations who have previously administered surveys, we can incorporate your existing questions and support you with year-to-year comparisons.

What you receive:

  1. Executive Summary of strengths and opportunities for improvement
  2. Benchmark Comparisons to other organizations (including State and Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award recipients)
  3. Favorable/Unfavorable Scores and Reports
    • Overall Employee Morale
    • Top 10/Bottom 10 Questions
    • All Questions
    • Responses by Employee Demographic (e.g. job function, job location, tenure)
    • Frequency Distribution of Raw Answers
  4. Employee Verbatim Comments
  5. Our Recommended Action Plan

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