Do you have the RIGHT people in the RIGHT place?




Personality Assessment

Accurately assesses the work-related behavior styles of employees. Gives immediate feedback about the personal styles of each employee.

  • Improves the impact, value and ROI of every training activity
  • Helps to justify training expenditures
  • Enables teams to effectively communicate and collaborate together

360 Feedback

Analyzes participants’ strengths and weaknesses, and how others perceive them.

  • Broadens awareness of participants’ own behavior
  • Gives feedback on hard-to-measure skills
  • Follow-up survey measures behavioral improvement

ICE Leadership Assessment

Measures potential for success around specific, validated job profiles, creates targeted development plans to ensure success, and guides your training investments.

  • Ensures that your talent succeeds
  • Reduces turnover by placing the right people in the right jobs
  • Uncovers critical training needs
  • Identifies skill gaps for low performers
  • Identifies high potentials for leadership development
  • Creates the basis for reliable succession planning