A monthly meeting of 10-15 like-minded Owners and CEOs of growing companies who discuss each other’s challenges and issues. Each meeting will be part instructional and part problem solving.


We will start with developing your company’s Strategic Vision, then address whether your company has a sustainable, value-based Sales Model. While working on your sales model, we will critique and tweak your Business Model.


Owners and CEOs of growing small companies are dealing with issues unique to their size and stage of the business cycle, and these issues do not always relate to strategy, sales and employees. Some issues revolve around what it takes to play the role of a leader. For example, are you working harder than ever, and your family life is suffering? Who is holding your accountable for reaching your goals and commitments? Are you walking your talk? Who can you be “real” with in your organization? These are common issues encountered by Owners and CEOs of Emerging Growth Companies.


The Seven Process includes:

  • A monthly meeting with like-minded, successful Owners and CEOs of similar-sized companies
  • Developing your company’s strategic vision
  • Developing a sustainable, value-based Sales Model
  • Developing an action plan to achieve your goals
  • Group problem solving
  • A Leadership Assessment with an actionable improvement plan
  • Individual coaching
  • Leadership on Purpose Training
  • Servant Leadership Training
  • Key Account Management/Relational Selling Training