ICE Leadership

We ICE Leaders to achieve Excellence!

Top performers produce more and cost less. They work with passion that comes from purpose which allows them to work smarter and elevate everyone around them. They create the culture and atmosphere needed to achieve Excellence.

So how do you get top performers at every level of your organization? You ICE them!


Lead and Encourage others in the right direction


Speak the TRUTH with the right method and heart to help others CHANGE for the better


Educate, Develop and then Empower others to become Excellent Leaders

ICE Assessment


In order to assess the 7 areas of Leadership excellence U.S. Leadership will:

  1. Administer the ICE Assessment to the top management team
  2. Administer 360 Feedback Assessments
  3. Conduct individual interviews with top management team
  4. Tabulate the Assessments to arrive at a consensus score for each Leader and overall Leadership score
  5. Review with executives to determine 12-24 month Project Plans
  6. Facilitate a 2 hour meeting to present Project Plan
  7. Begin Phase 1 of the ICE Improvement Process

Do you have the type of leaders it takes to get to the next level?

ICE Transformation Process


The Improvement process transforms Leaders in 3 PHASES using:

  1. Leadership Assessments
  2. 360 Feedback
  3. Clear Measurements and Accountability
  4. Coaching in Workshops
  5. Coaching One on One – See article from Harvard Business Review