Huckabee designs facilities that are easy to maintain and durable for the long term. They have delivered over 1,100 educational facilities and $2 billion in construction projects.

Problem / Challenge

Prior to U.S. Leadership’s involvement in 2002, Huckabee was generating $10M in billings with 60 people and breaking even, causing cash flow problems and serious client satisfaction and delivery failures,. At that time, Chris Huckabee stated, “We are either going to get this right, and consistently deliver what I am selling and promising clients, or we will shut it down, because I am not going to be part of something that is not excellent”.


U.S. Leadership benchmarked Huckabee’s business against other excellent companies and prepared a 48-month action plan to help Huckabee achieve “Best in Class” excellence.

Result / Benefit

Within only 42 months, the plan was achieved!

Huckabee’s ACE score increased 47% while their Billings per employee increased 78% ($167K to $296K ) and has since moved to over $300K.

In the three years since then, Huckabee has sustain this excellence while continuing to grow revenues, profitability, employee satisfaction, and client satisfaction, with possibly the highest productivity per employee multiplier in the industry.